Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

An advanced form of “Balloon Assisted” cranial adjusting that incorporates the use of tiny balloons that are carefully inserted in the nose (nasopharynx) and quickly inflated to open up the breathing passageways, unlock cranial fixations and mobilize the bones of face and cranium.

List of conditions that respond favorably to cfr
  • Breathing problems
  • Migraine headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Snoring
  • Head trauma
  • PCS
  • Learning disorders
  • Emotional disorders
  • Neurological disorders

Real patient testimonial:

“I feel like my whole life is changed. I haven’t been able to breathe like this in years!” -J.C.

Psysiological affects of cfr:
  • Mobilizes the cranial bones
  • Relieves direct osseous pressure on the brain
  • Relieves dural meningeal tension
  • Facilitates CSF flow
  • Opens breathing passageways
  • Facilitates sinus drainage
  • Facilitates cerebral blood flow
  • Facilitates cerebral venous drainage
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage
  • Directly affects pituitary-endocrine function through the dural attachment into the sphenoid at the diaphragma selli

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Real Patient Testimonies!

Well worth the money for the increased quality of life. Mind clarity, increased muscle conversion. Body aches went away. Fewer or no prescription drugs. If you struggle with allergies, sinus pressure, trouble wearing a c-pap machine or want to get off the machine, this is for you! — Mike H.

CFR has really changed my body in ways I can’t even comprehend, even as a fellow bodyworker. My sleep, bowel movements, mood, shoulders, not to mention my facial structure has all greatly improved as a result of CFR. The before and after photos speak for themselves. Thank you Dr. Bobier!” — BD G.

“This has done wonders for my sleeping!” — BJ K.

“For years, I experienced constant neck and shoulder pain radiating from the back of my skull down my neck and shoulder. I also had severe headaches. I had difficulty breathing through my sinuses and experienced a lot of sinus pressure at night. From the very first treatment, I experienced immediate relief in the sinuses and the neck and shoulder pain reduced dramatically. After three series of treatments, I am now able to breathe through my nose and have no restrictions in the evening. My headaches are almost non existent. Thank you!” — Deb S.

“CFR has been life changing for me!  I no longer take mucinex daily, my anxiety as decreased, and my overall clarity is much improved.Also, I was shocked at how much inflammation left my face! I have been asked so often recently if I have lost weight because of it!” – Christy H.

Cranial Facial Release. What Is It? Watch Here.

“I’ve been through 2 roto-rooters of the skull. Please follow the posted link and give it due diligence if nothing more. It changed my life just as it has for so many others, without the pain and  permanent side effects of sinus surgery. If you do meet Dr. Adam and still choose not to try the CFR, he is the best chiropractor in town by a long shot.” — DM

“I didn’t have a sense of smell until I was 4 yrs old when I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out. As an adult I would get chronic outer ear infections yearly. My sinus issues I knew were bad but without surgery I didn’t think there was any other help I could get. Then I heard about CFR. I honestly thought it might help me some but it was a much cheaper, less invasive way to find relief. I was apprehensive about my first visit and it was not a comfortable experience. But I really had no idea what I had been missing. I had never been able to breathe out of my nose. It was like breathing through a straw, I could get a little air but not enough to provide what I needed. After just my first procedure I could breathe out of my nose. I mean really breathe… It was such a strange experience for me. I had to teach my body to breathe through my nose. It was a conscious effort because it was so foreign to me. That was just the first obvious improvement of CFR. I also noticed I was sleeping better, which is something I have always struggled with. I fall asleep easier and sleep deeper than I ever have. I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. My ear infections are just GONE. Also things I didn’t notice right away were things like a sudden sense of smell beyond what I am used to. Also normally when I would cry my whole head would feel like cotton for hours but not anymore. So for me the little bit of discomfort that goes with CFR has been so worth it. Each session lasted maybe 15 mins and the results were almost instantaneous. Thank you Dr. Adam!” — Angie E.